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The Unconventional Guide to The Capitol Building

The Capitol Building in Washington D.C

Location: 1st street, S.W on the Capitol Hill.

Tours: Tours are conducted Mondays through Saturdays from 9:00 – 4:30pm. Tours can also be done on all Federal holidays excerpt Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

Tickets: Free tickets are given for tours at the Capitol Guide service kiosk. The maximum tour number is 40. Services are also provided to people with disabilities. There are also certified sign language interpreters.

Telephone: 202 225 6827 ( voice)

Switchboard: 202 224 3121 ( voice) 202 224 3091 ( TTY) Congressional Special Service( voice) 202 224 4048 or 202 224 4049 Federal Relay Service ( 800 877 8339) ( Voice/TTY)

Tips for Visitors:

a) Visit your representative office in the Capitol buildings. b) Attend a committee hearing c) Visit the galleries d) Log on to www. House.gov/house/subpage_content/prohibited_ items.pdf to see the lists of prohibited items before you visit the US capitol.

The Capitol Building is the meeting place between the law makers and senates in the house of representatives to discuss and debate economic political and social issues affecting the nation.

Since the beginning of the construction of the building in 1793, it was numerous innovations to the building making it today the symbol of American political pride.

Several people were in line for the designing and construction of the Capitol Building, but in the end, George Washington awarded the contract to Dr. William Thornton who got his training in Scotland as a physician. Thornton worked in collaboration with some architects. He succeeded in completing the East Wing on November 17, 1800. in 1813, it was the north and the south wings completion. by Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

The war of 1812 brought the destruction. It was a fire in the building because of 1812 war. It was until 1825 that Latrobe returned to Washington to ensure its renovation.

But he abandoned the project and another architect from Boston named Charles Burlfinch. He worked on the dome and decorations of the interior and exterior of the building.

The freedom statute has a lady holding a symbol of peace and power, meaning freedom rises forever and under the freedom there are thirteen columns. Under the columns is the dome which symbolizes the unity of the country. The thirteen columns represent the thirteen colonies. The north side of the dome is where the senators assemble.

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