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Washington Monument

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Built to honor George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first President of the United States, the Washington Monument was once the tallest building in the world at just over 555 feet. The monument to America’s first president still holds the title of world’s tallest stone structure and obelisk. Maintained by the National Park Service, the Washington Monument is located on the center of the National Mall between the U.S. Capitol and Lincoln Memorial.

Why does the Washington Monument have two colors?It wasn’t easy to build Washington Monument. The structure was originally designed by Robert Mills, with construction beginning in 1848. The combination of the Civil War, the Know Nothing Party’s rise to control of the Washington National Monument Society through an illegal election and lack of funding led to a halt in construction in 1854. When construction resumed in 1879, marble was used from a different quarry, and time and weather erosion have led to the difference in color, which begins at the 150-foot mark.The monument was finally completed in 1884 by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and an elevator was added to the monument in 1889.

Building a monument to George Washington wasn't a unanimously supported proposition. Today, trumpeting George Washington as a hero along with a symbol of national pride isn't going to begin any discussions. In the nineteenth century, nevertheless, Washingtons approval rating proved to be far from 100 percent. The very idea of building a monument to honor the president felt to be an affront to this Democratic Republicansthe opposing party into the federalists who had both preferred Thomas Jefferson over Washington and condemned such tributes as unseemly and Royalist. IT TOOK ALMOST TO COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION. After years of deliberation about where to construct a monument into Washington, what form it should take, along with if the entire thing was a wise idea in the first place, the basis for a great rock obelisk was placed in the middle of Washington, D.


National Mall on July 4, 1848. Despite the fact that the design appears quite simple, the construction would end up being a challenging endeavor for architect Robert Mills along with the Washington National Monument Society. As a result of sectarian battles, lapses in funding, and disruptions during the Civil War, construction of the Washington Monument would not be finished until Feb 21, 1885. The site publicly accessible 3 years later. 3. A COUP WITHIN THE WASHINGTON NATIONAL MONUMENT SOCIETY DELAYED CONSTRUCTION. In 1855, an anti Catholic activist team filmed the Know Nothings took control of the 23 year-old Monument Society.

Once in power, the Know Nothings refused along with destroyed memorial stones donated by Pope Piux IX.The Know Nothing affiliation costs the project financial assistance from the public and from Congress. In 1858, after adding just two layer Of masonry into the monument, the Know Nothings resigned control of the Society. EARLY IDEAS FOR THE MONUMENT INCLUDED STATUES, GREEK COLUMNS, AND TOMBS. Prior to The Society settled on building an obelisk, many other ideas were advanced to be this visual representation of Washingtons grandeur. Among them were an equestrian statue of this president, a separate statue located atop a Classical Greek pillar, and a tomb constructed inside the Capitol Building. The last thought fell apart when Washingtons family proved to be unwilling into move his body from its resting place to Mount. Vernon.


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