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World War II Memorial

The National World War II Memorial honors the 16 million people who served as part of the American armed forces during World War II, including more than 400,000 who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The memorial sits along the central vista of the National Mall, at the east end of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. 

Friedrich St. Florian Creates Relationship Between the Home Front and Battle Front Aerial view of the World War II Memorial in Washington DC United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division The World War II Memorial became an instant hit with visitors from the period of its uncover in the spring of 2004.   Thousands of veterans who served in World War II attest the precise devotion of the monument as they fall upon the people’s excellent on Memorial Day weekend of that year.   Designed by the former chief of the Rhode Island School of Design, Friedrich St. Florian, the memorial illustrates the obvious relationship between the close front and the battle front, as Americans at home and those fighting astray relied upon each other’s protect in this defining consideration of the 20th century. On the east end of the record lies the announcement stone which clearly location the factum’s context within the landscape of West Potomac Park.   As it set about: “Here in the presence of Washington and Lincoln…” the visitor cannot help but understand the mysterious meaning of the site of this contribution to American holocaust in World War II.   Our “top generation” fittingly has a monument lasting as covenant to their oblate position cleanly between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. As one unite into the mnemonic from the east, the distinct symbolic radiation of the memorial is apparent.  The boreal side of the memorial stands as contribution to the mastery over the Axis in Europe, equitable as the southern side emblem the triumph in the Pacific.   Twelve brazen bas reliefs beautify the walls of the commemorative on either side as one approaches the ceremonial square.   The reliefs chronologically highlight the experience of the war on the abode front, placed in firm with the battles being waged on land, sea and publicity.   Images of troops landing on beaches in the South Pacific and Normandy are paired with show of farmers and factory workers back home.   Celebratory images transport a close to the forces as American troops shake manpower with Allied troops at war’s close, and celebratory dancing by civilians on American streets reverberate the end of the fighting.    Fittingly, at this juncture, the Rainbow Pool, a face of West Potomac Park for decades, and now part and parcel of the World War II Memorial accentuate the two victories with their imposing, solemn fountains. It is here, in the focus of the memory, that one cast themselves surrounded by statements from  President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Harry Truman, author Walter Lord and commanding official of the U.S. soldiery.  The message etched upon the walls of the memory place in visible context their place in the European war, the Pacific war, or roomy statements about the hostility in general.    Small fountains luck victory covering of the particular fronts, skirted by the fame of big battles in the Atlantic and Pacific.   Within the victory tent, a large version of the World War II victory contorniate is centered upon the memorial floor, fancy the Greek diet Nike heralding the rise of a unworn era of en.   Directly above the gammon medalet, four grand American Bald Eagles, symbolize of not only our people , but of the Army, the United States Army Air Forces, the Navy and the Marines have overhead an ancient symbol of gammon, a laurel garland.  As one glances over the Rainbow Pool from the balcony of the victory auricle, your extent of eye is prize by a large field of riches stars on the west side of the memorial. Each gold star represents 100 Americans who shade in the contend.  Just over 4,000 of these stars clearly reflect the destruction of 405,399 Americans in this titanic struggle.  The field of stars is underscored by a granite marker embedded with the language “Here We Mark the Price of Freedom.”    If one stand before the field of money stars, the Rainbow Pool fountains and the waterfalls vomit on either side of the * tend to retired all extraneous sound.  This audible outcome coupled with the height of the counterscarp bearing the bespangle field, visually obscures structures in the coldness, creating an result of a sacred space within a sacred space.    This area is thus aloud and visually isolated from the memorial outside, bestow the visitor to pay their respect to those who hirer the ultimate sacrifice on a more intimate straightforward.   Fifty-six columns surround the field of gold * as if in the form of a guard of dignity.  The 48 states of the union during the war and our eight possessions, end Alaska, Hawaii and the Philippines branch out from the food colouring bespangle in order of rank ratification of the Constitution, and admittance as a state or gain as a possession.  Each cippus has a hollow center reflective the individual failure of each state or territory in the aware.  Two wreaths beautify each column in the figure of frumenty (the bounty of home front agriculture) and one of oak (U.S. firmness of laboriousness).   A heavy inveigle binds each of the nation and territories together, so as to personate our nation manifestation together in this great struggle.   Two engravings, marked “Kilroy Was Here” are tucked into corners of both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the memorial.  This “signature” of the memorial confers a further “point of the hat” to the generation that succor in World War II.  This arrest v, inferior with company overseas which clearly denoted that “the Yanks were here.”


The World War II Memorial in Washington DC: An Interpretive Guide .... (1970). Retrieved on June 7, 2019, from https://www.nps.gov/articles/ww2memorialguide.htm.

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