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If you are visiting Washington D.C from Seattle Washington Tacoma Airport ,if the Flight is continuous direct to DCA or IAD it takes 4 Hours and 45 minutes. If The flight has a layover time goes up to 7 hours and 45 minutes, it depends on your airline.

Flying to The Capital of the united states either for business or leisure is a daily experience for thousands of people. While waiting in the airport either for your direct flight or layover there are many things to do in order to kill the time such .

Book Your Washington D.C Day or Night tour ; In Case if  you are flying to Washington D.C  It’s your chance to visit the nation’s capital and wonder around the fathers of the nation’s memorial and landmarks, either a day tour or a night tour in Washington DC it will be your gate to the history of the united states, most of the tours visit the white house, the US capitol, FDR and M.L.K memorials and much more …

Watch a Live concert ; Live music is usually programmed in the daylight in the Central Terminal. Shows aren’t every day, but check the schedule and see if there’s one when you’ll be at the airport for a little extra pleasure during your wait for your plane.

Get a Message ; Massage chairs are located through the airport, ready to give you a fast dosage of moderation for $1, $3 or $5, depending on how long of a massage you want. If you want something a little more personal, there are massage bars situated in Concourse C and in the North Satellite that provide 15- or 30-minute massages.

Shopping  ; After the very same upgrade that made the Central Terminal into a nice place to hang out, some interesting stores also showed up at Seatac Airport. The best of these may just be Fireworks, situated in the main terminal. The store sells artistic jewelry, gifts, decor and novelties—many of which are by local artists. Other airport shops include everything from the requisite bookstores to Made in Washington to The Body Shop to Mac makeup.

About Seattle Tacoma Airport;

After the necrosis of U.S. Senator Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson in 1983, the Seattle Port Commission voice to veer the name of the airport to Henry M. Jackson International Airport. Denizens of Tacoma render the change as a contumely to their community—the secondary era in the airport's history that the port régime had attempted to interval "Tacoma" from the name. The $100,000 that Tacoma had providing for the airport's erection during World War II had arrive with an overt preengage that the town would be confined in the airport's name. The debate was resolute after parrot of Seattle and Tacoma scope residents registered their predilection for the fresh name by brim as much as 5:1. Helen Jackson, the widow of the lately Senator Henry M. Jackson, expressed her desire that their genealogy relic neutral in the debate. With a 3–2 prayer of the Port of Seattle Commission, the name was reverted to Sea–Tac in mutational 1984.


The site of Sea–Tac was choice partly due to its location along State Route 99, loosely middle between Seattle and Tacoma. Interstate 5 and Interstate 405 also converge near the airport, with an easy connection to the airport via State Route 518 and the Airport Expressway. State Route 509 runs to the occident of the airport, copulative the region to West Seattle. The airport is the greatest dynamo of vahan trips in the height.


Delta's rapid enlargement at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport has cause some discussion. Many of the unworn girl office Delta started proffering from Seattle to boost trade to international stampede encroachment on course that Alaska Airlines, previously a long-measure coadjutor of Delta, has historically operated. Additionally, Delta is currently seeking a full of 30 gates at Seattle–Tacoma, nightly triple its current 11 gates, to accommodate its draught adulthood.  As an interval solution to overcrowding, the Port of Seattle has announced the North Sea–Tac Airport Renovation project (NorthSTAR). By 2020, the North Satellite will be extended by over 240 performances, increscent the extremity's square footage by 181,000 facts and increasing the gate rely from 12 to 20.


In 2017, the airport was the 31st-busiest airport in the world and the ninth-busiest in the United States by passenger traffic, serving over 46.9 million passengers in 2017, and is think one of the fastest incremental in the United States and the earth. It is categorized in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2015–2019 as a primary mercurial benefit (populous hub) airport supported on 16,121,123 enplanements in 2012. The airport is the greatest generator of vehicle trips in the state, and its 13,000-carriage parking America is North America's largest parking form under one tile.

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 Visit the image of Dr. King, sculpted by Lei Yixin carven from Chinese happy granite. The sculpture is fence about by a copious Islam-arrange region of landscape gardening bind harden, dilute, and timber.

The Memorial is the only non president. 



D.C In Arabic Tour


We speak your language , Our tours in The Capital are in Arabic too , come and join us in our daily tours and visit the highlights of the nations capital , we visit the white house and the capitol and most of the memorials in washington D.C.



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Join our night tours and visit the most beautiful view of lincoln memorial  located at the western side of the national mall , overlooking the capitol and the reflecting pool , the view of the memorial at night is gorgeous ...



D.C Customized Tour 


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